Sunday, October 15, 2006


In the last weekend in Ramadan I have invited my friends in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. Essa, Alhajri, and me made a big meal we cooked a traditional food. My friends to me, and we have a big meal. After the break fast we had some tea, and we talked about Ramadan in our country. Every body liked to be in his country during Ramadan, because Ramadan has a special way in our life. They stayed until midnight. Next day my friend he has invited us in his apartment we have a big meal also. So I think my weight in this weekend increase.


From the old eras the camel has a special position in our life. We used the camels in many ways. We used the camel in trade way. Moving, and racing. The camel from the past until now has a same value in our life. Now we have cars, but the camel position didn't change. In winter I used to go to live in the desert in big camp. I set, and I take care about the camels, because the camels are very expensive. In my case I don't have the camels just for habits or racing. I love the camels very much. You see the camel which with me in this picture we just we bought before a few months, and this camel won in the racing. I hop to go back to Qatar in December, and set in the desert with my camels.


I like the history very much, and I interested about many events which happened in the history. Especially I interested about United States history. I read about civil war that happened in United States. The MEI staff and students went to the West Virginia.
In early morning we took the black bus which I really I like it. After two hours we arrived to Harpers Ferry. From the first look I said wow!! This place what I was looking for. I saw old houses and every thing from the past. We walked around, and we visited many places, before we walked we mad three groups. The Nina group, Harriet group, and Aaron group. I was in Nina group. Nina group started with a book shop, and I bought book about the president Lincoln life. Then we visited John Brown museum. In this trip I knew about him. Really I interested about John Brown. Then we walked to Jefferson rock, and we took many photos there. Next Nina and me we talked about civil war while we were walking to the bridge. In the way we found wax museum about John brown, and I went there, and I saw the mean events which happened in John life. The Nina group was waiting for me out side the museum. When I finished I told Nina what I saw. We crossed the river. And I saw a small canal. Finally we walked back to bus stop, and we took the bus to Maryland. In the way back Essa took some photos when I was sleeping. I took some photos when he was sleeping but he hid his photos.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am doing well

I am doing well in Nina’s class. I am going to Improve my English, because I have learned many things, when this class began, I learned to read fast, and I have improve my grammar skills we have had many quizzes. We have been writing many drafts to improve our writing skills.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My trip to Colorado

Two weeks ago I and Essa went to Colorado to visit our friends. They was here in Maryland. We had no class in Friday, so we got a good chance to do thing interesting. We decided to travel to Colorado, but we don't tell our friends. We want make surprise for them. We bought two tickets by the internet. We choice South West Air lines, because some of our friends recommended trying this Air lines. We went to Baltimore Air port we went inside the plane it was very small, and no TV, stereo, and the long of this trip three hours, so it was boring trip. We arrived to Denver air port. One of our friends he knew about us. He received us and we went to our friend town it's located one hour from Denver, when we arrived they was sleeping, so no surprise we slept because we tired. Next day we walked around in this town it was very cold and beautiful place every things natural. Really I liked that. During the stay in Colorado the Ramadan began and we were happy and after noon we made a big meal, finally we went back to Maryland, but I didn't have photos because I forgot my camera.

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