Monday, September 25, 2006

The first look fair

Essa and I we went to the clubs exhibits and we walked around. There are many sections, for example a culture section, religious section, and sports section. I started with culture and I found Arabic organization they called OAS '' organization Arabic student '' and I took some information to meet them, after that I went to religion section. I started with Islamic group and I asked them about the Muslims meeting, I asked them about close Mosque '' Masjed'' and interested about the another religions , so I went to Jewish group and I asked about the Jewish religion, next I went to Cher stain group and I took one book about Jesus' life and I hope to read this book. Finally I went to sport section, and Interested about Black belt team they teach you to use the swords like Samurai, and I joined in this team. Really I like this celebrate because I got new information.

The speaking partener

My speaking partner is Michael. He is from New Jersey, and he is studying business. Just I know this information about him and I couldn’t stay with him because I had to go to the airport to take plane to Colorado. I took his e-mail and his cell phone number. I emailed him to set up a time to meet, but no answer from him until now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Coop restaurant

Today we visited the Food Coop with Nina after class. This restaurant is very old and opened its door in at 1975. When we arrived at the Food Coop it was crowded and there was no place to stop or make a small group how ever we took some photos. This restaurant serves many vegetarian foods and some kinds of meets, I think just turkey. Essa, I walked around for a few minutes and then we excused ourselves to have a lunch at Subway because we like to eat meat very much

Friday, September 15, 2006

The first week in 003 class

What your ambition? This question it is common for people to ask you about your dream. So everyone has a dream for example, to be a manager, a Doctor and an ambassador. My ambition is to finish my study at university of Maryland, and then I want to be a manger.

So I came to the U.s. To improve my English and graduate from the university of Maryland. Now I am in 003 at MEI to learn more English, and we started one week ago. I think this class has a wealth of many new things to learn so I am happy to get new things in English. We now we are just starting and I hope to begin my academic studies in spring semester.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I went to MacDonald’s with Malik for lunch. We had a different meal. I had a chicken sandwich and some chips, and Malik had a big mac meal, which consists of ground beef with cheese, and Ice cream. I like MacDonald’s food very much and always teat it in my country. Actually today I couldn’t go with Nina to the Dairy because I had some think to do. I hope to go with Nina the next time.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

Anyone who travels to another country must tell people about himself. It’s a normal question: who are you? So you must talk about yourself. In this post I will introduce myself

My name is Saoud. I am from Qatar in the Middle East. I love my family very much and I know all of you love your family. My parents are old, and I have five brothers and three sisters. My father was an officer in the Ministry of Interior and my mother was a teacher of Arabic in our schools. My oldest brother, Salem, is also an officer and three of my brothers are officers in the Ministry of Interior, but the last one works at a television station. I think most people here have heard of Al-Jazeera. My oldest sister is also a teacher like my mother, but she teaches history. My second and third sisters are housewives. All of them are married, and they have children.

I started school in 1992, and I just finished high school last year. I like soccer very much. I can’t live without soccer games, and I can play soccer very well. I have come to enjoy American football since I came here. I am interested in history and I have a good background in many things which happened in history.

I think what makes me different is that I can play football (soccer) because people here don’t like soccer too much.

I came to the United States because I hope to finish my study here, and I will be proud to do that. I hope to take some classes in my major in January. Studying at MEI has helped me to speak English better than I could when I first came here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Saoud welcoming his classmates

Hi, everybody
I am Saoud. I hope to make new friends in this class andI hope for everyone to have a good time inUnited States .

Have a nice weekend.

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