Monday, November 20, 2006


We are now in the last few days in this semester, some of us will go and others will stay, and we don't know who will stay or who will leave. We did many things in this semester and we learned many things so made new friends. I will really miss my friends I have learned many things since this semester started. For example, I have improved my grammar skills, because our Reading, Writing, Grammar teacher is very professional and strict and she has taught us new many ways to read. We have improved our skills in writing and we have studied listening and speaking with Harriet. We learned many things with her. For instance taught us how take notes and improve our listening skill. We made small oral presentations many weeks, benefit. I got a big benefit from this semester and I hope to meat all my friends. Actually I hope to be admitted to this university. If I am not, I am going to transfer to another university. I don't know yet what will happen.

Hi Saoud
My name is William, and I am a teacher. My class will read your post this morning, and I shall encourage them to comment and invite you to read their blogs.
Good luck with joining a university next year!
Hi Saoud
My name is Jason, and I come from Korea. I am a student, too. I am studying English in Otago Polytechnic where is in Dunedin, NZ. I have a few days in this semester, too!
I think your English is quite good!
Yes, actually better than me.^^ I have improved my English this year. I always thanks to my teacher, William, keeping in my mind.
Anyway we are going to take a cruise with my classmates. It should be a great time.
We will see you next time. And I hope you can admit to university.
Good Luck!
Hi Saudi
My name is Mikyung. Today I read your writing and I feel that I'm completely same as your feeling.
I've studied here since this semester started, that means it is not a long time. However, I've got many good friends and expierienced lots of new things.
Last week, I went to a theater to see Giselle Ballet with my two class mates. I could buy the ticket at a cheap price because of my student ID...(it is very usefull for cultural life!!!)
I hope that you can be successful of your university life.(if you go to an university)
Good luck with you!!!
Hi Saoud
Read my letter at
Hi Saoud.
I wrote a letter for you. You can find at
Hi Saoud.
I wrote a letter to you. You can find at
Hi Saoud, I think you will get everything smoothly. Good luck to you.
Nice to meet you.
My name is ahiru.
I'm japanese student.

I read your blog.
I think that you had a very valuable experience.
I challenge various things and want to get most.

I support your activity from this!!!!!!!!
And please come to Japan by all means.(^^/)
Hi my dear Saoud,
I like so much to share English Class with you. You are a very good classmate. Give courage and support when I need. I hope that a could contribute with your improvement. See you in class.
Hi! Mr.Saoud!!

My name is JohnnieWalker.
I came from "Our Slow Life"

You are an aggressive man!
I want to follow you.

Please enjoy your position!
Hi Saoud
My name is John, and I came from Japan.
I'm a university student.
When I was a high school student, I studied English a lot.
But now I think my grammar skills fall.
I will take "TOEIC", English test, so I try to study hard.
Hello, Saoud
The semester almost ends. I’m really happy can be your classmate. You are really funny guy. You made us happy in the class. ^^ I hope you will do everything very well and I think you can. Cheer up!!
Hi Saoud
I'm Mr8!

good job!
I'm also syudying English!
Hi Saoud
My name is Yamame and came from Japan. My English skill is not enough. So I study English hard.
I have no class In January and February. I am slightly disappointed.I want to spend a holiday happily.
Hello, Saoud.
My name is Neji.

You had a grate semester!
To study the language is very difficult, I think.

I pray to be able to be admitted for you!
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