Friday, November 10, 2006


We met some nice people yesterday. They were a Mrs. C and her kids; really I liked the kids and they were very cute. She talked about home schooling and her experience with it, and why she started with idea to home school her kids and the reasons. I have background about home schooling, but she surprised me when she said may be she continues the home schooling. I got some information for example, the way which she used to teach her and how she got the books. I strongly believe the home schooling is a good idea, but in early age. I really I respectful the Mrs. C because she worked hard to teach here kids the best things and she take care about her children very much. I think in home schooling there are disadvantages and advantages. I hope from the family who home school to fined new ways to teach the kids.

People learn differently; we all have different learning styles. Sometimes, children have problems in school because they learn differently from other children. If the parents can provide a positive learning environment, I think it's great. However, I could never home school my daughter. I am sure she would not cooperate with me!
I agree with your opinion. Homeschooling is a good way to teach children in early age. I think if parents have the skill to teach, they can choose homeschool their children.
I think I agree with you. At least home-schooling young children isn't as likely to isolate them as it would with older kids. Also, older kids are more likely to want to roam, and to have more freedom from their parents than younger kids.
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