Sunday, October 15, 2006


In the last weekend in Ramadan I have invited my friends in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. Essa, Alhajri, and me made a big meal we cooked a traditional food. My friends to me, and we have a big meal. After the break fast we had some tea, and we talked about Ramadan in our country. Every body liked to be in his country during Ramadan, because Ramadan has a special way in our life. They stayed until midnight. Next day my friend he has invited us in his apartment we have a big meal also. So I think my weight in this weekend increase.

Dear Dr. Ssoud,
Wow, sounds delicious!! I like big meal, especially other country's tradition food!! Would you share us the recipe ?
I could view the album at, but I don't know what it doesn't show up on the blog itself. I think you should give it another try. The pictures are nice. I really like the one of you.
yes saoud some times they show iranin film there. the film was very good but now they don't show that and they spoke persian non english.
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