Monday, October 02, 2006

My trip to Colorado

Two weeks ago I and Essa went to Colorado to visit our friends. They was here in Maryland. We had no class in Friday, so we got a good chance to do thing interesting. We decided to travel to Colorado, but we don't tell our friends. We want make surprise for them. We bought two tickets by the internet. We choice South West Air lines, because some of our friends recommended trying this Air lines. We went to Baltimore Air port we went inside the plane it was very small, and no TV, stereo, and the long of this trip three hours, so it was boring trip. We arrived to Denver air port. One of our friends he knew about us. He received us and we went to our friend town it's located one hour from Denver, when we arrived they was sleeping, so no surprise we slept because we tired. Next day we walked around in this town it was very cold and beautiful place every things natural. Really I liked that. During the stay in Colorado the Ramadan began and we were happy and after noon we made a big meal, finally we went back to Maryland, but I didn't have photos because I forgot my camera.

Wow, I have never been to Colorado! It must be a beautiful place. What is the name of the place your friends live (Boulder?)? Did you see the Rocky Mountains? It's a shame that you forgot your camera. :-(
You are really enjoy your life!! next time please share your pictures with us!!
I will try to bring my camera with me all the time
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