Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am doing well

I am doing well in Nina’s class. I am going to Improve my English, because I have learned many things, when this class began, I learned to read fast, and I have improve my grammar skills we have had many quizzes. We have been writing many drafts to improve our writing skills.

Saoud, your post needs some punctuation. Can you figure out where to add two periods?
HI, Nina

I think I found the mistake, and I fix it.
Hello Saoud,
I think your English is very good.
Hi Dr. Sauod,
Would you tell us what's your professionl? :b
Hi, Saoud, you are a really funny guy. haha ^O^
Hi Saoud,
How you doing? I know that you try to do the best that you can. I happy with this English Class, is so good and realy help us learning more and more. I publish some pictures from Shenandoah Park, pretty good. I love nature trips.
See soon in class
Hi~ Dr.Saoud!
I am having fun in class because of you^__________^
I would like to talk with you!!!
Hi Saoud,
You always study hard and ask question frequently in class. As a result, I think you can get the best grade in final. Good luck to you.
I enjoyed reading your posts that you've added recently. It's nice to find that you enjoy staying the US now! Also, I'm glad to hear that you enjoy learning English!
Hey man
I can't stop laughing whenever I see you.
cute boy
have a nice weekend~
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