Sunday, October 15, 2006


From the old eras the camel has a special position in our life. We used the camels in many ways. We used the camel in trade way. Moving, and racing. The camel from the past until now has a same value in our life. Now we have cars, but the camel position didn't change. In winter I used to go to live in the desert in big camp. I set, and I take care about the camels, because the camels are very expensive. In my case I don't have the camels just for habits or racing. I love the camels very much. You see the camel which with me in this picture we just we bought before a few months, and this camel won in the racing. I hop to go back to Qatar in December, and set in the desert with my camels.

oh I miss the Arabic Gulf's ware :)
Nice picture.
I hoped that I was with you.I like this traditional race.
Nice picture.
Saoud, have you ever ridden in a camel race yourself? Is it difficult to learn to ride a camel? Is it easier or harder than riding a horse?
I only look this scene on TV or movie. I would like to touch and ridden the camel in the future!!
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