Monday, September 25, 2006

The first look fair

Essa and I we went to the clubs exhibits and we walked around. There are many sections, for example a culture section, religious section, and sports section. I started with culture and I found Arabic organization they called OAS '' organization Arabic student '' and I took some information to meet them, after that I went to religion section. I started with Islamic group and I asked them about the Muslims meeting, I asked them about close Mosque '' Masjed'' and interested about the another religions , so I went to Jewish group and I asked about the Jewish religion, next I went to Cher stain group and I took one book about Jesus' life and I hope to read this book. Finally I went to sport section, and Interested about Black belt team they teach you to use the swords like Samurai, and I joined in this team. Really I like this celebrate because I got new information.

Hi Saoud,
Have you register to your favorite clubs ? Would you share your happy time with us?
Hello, How was your weekend? Did you go shopping last weekend?
HI, Jennifer

I will be happy when I spent my time with you. I joined to black belt team for teaching you how to use the sowrd.
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